Business Person of the Year

Awarded to a business person who is a success in every sense of the word and can demonstrate a genuine passion for social issues.

Small & Medium Size Enterprise of the Year

Awarded to a small or medium sized business making a mark in the UK/globally, through their imaginative and innovative ideas.

Achievement in Health/ Social Care

This award recognizes an organization, company or individual based globally for innovative or entrepreneurial healthcare initiatives that improve the practice of medicine or delivery of care to patients. 

Politician of the Year

The award recognises an individual who demonstrates the biggest contribution in the field of politics globally. 

Achievement in Media, Arts and Culture

Someone who has made a mark in the field of Music, Cinema and Arts (Culinary arts, (Space) Dance, Comedy, Theatre).

Community Service

In recognition for an individual’s service to the community in UK

Life Time Achievement

To honour those individuals, who during their lifetimes, have made immense contributions in any given field to their community and the country. This remarkable individual will be marked as an example for the younger generation and can be based anywhere internationally.

Restaurant of the Year

It must be shown that the UK establishment has made a great impact on the restaurant scene in general, its local community in particular. It must prove it offers a high standard of service and cuisine with innovative ideas. 

Philanthropist of the Year

The award recognises those individuals/ businesses contributing at the highest level of philanthropic endeavour across the globe.The criteria for each award focuses on philanthropy that is outstanding in its generosity – effective and impactful – and that exemplifies qualities such as commitment, inspiration and leadership.

The Bengals Pride Award

Awarded to a towering personality who is held in high esteem on the international stage for their unique contribution to humanity.