Smita is a true citizen of the world, having worked and lived in Singapore, United States, and Hong Kong as well as her birthplace, India. Her natural curiosity and desire to help others is clear from her time working for news organizations like Associated Press London, The Hong Kong Standard and CNBC India and charities like the UNHCR, Loomba Foundation, My Life Films (London) and New Arrivals Institute and Faith Action, advocating for refugees, widows and people living with dementia, among others. She loves writing and films, in particular gaining a qualification from FTII India, that gave her the credentials to teach students in Mumbai documentary filmmaking. Smita is also very self motivated, having founded a website dedicated to sharing the stories of Indians around the world, called She has been featured in BBC London, RTHK Hong Kong and other networks for her work in the community. She loves meeting new people and experiencing new cultures, never shy to help out when she sees those in need. In her spare time, she likes to travel, write, dance and cook up a storm in the kitchen